Gumball 3000 meets 2theloo Shell Berchem

On the 3rd of May, Gumball 3000 visited the 2theloo Shell facility in Berchem Luxembourg on their journey from Dublin to Bucharest. The Gumball 3000 team stopped in Berchem for a checkpoint before continuing to Europapark later that day.

The 2theloo team welcomed the riders with a goodiebag filled with 2theloo water, an energy drink, a towel and ofcourse very clean toilets! Some of the toilets contained Gumball 3000 visuals to fit the occasion.

Rogier Groen created 2theloo’s very own racecar to shine beside Gumball 3000’s vehicles. The car consisted of a cart and toilet, creating a drivable masterpiece.

About Gumball 3000

Gumball 3000 is an exciting concept that has become a global phenomenon in recent years, evolving into the ultimate aspirational adventure road-trip. What started out as an underground car rally, is now filled with parties, celebrities and sightseeing at insane speeds. Each year 250 carefully selected entrants in 120 incredible cars (everything from Bugattis to 250 GT’s to Batmobiles) drive a 3,000 mile route. The car rally attracts thousands of media representatives from across the globe, and up to 6 figure fan turn outs (per night). All 120 cars drive the same route, and enter the same locations each evening. This year Gumball 3000 travelled from Dublin to Bucharest. Their motto is ‘it’s not a race, it’s an experience’.