Almar Holtz nominated for Entrepreneur of the Year


The EY Entrepreneur Of The Year award is the most prestigious award in the world and has awarded over fifty countries annually.

With the election EY rewards the trendsetters of our economy for their vision, passion, belief and excellent leadership and also more than average contributions to innovation, job creation and prosperity.

Successful entrepreneurship is more than having the books in order. Entrepreneurs who inspire others with their vision, leadership and motivate. People who dare to take risks, are determined, passionate and sometimes even a little stubborn.

EY is looking for the most successful entrepreneurs of the Netherlands in three categories: Emerging, Accelerating and Master.

The nominees present themselves on 16th of June for the independent jury consisting of entrepreneurs (previous winners), managers from the business and representatives of the Ministry of Economic Affairs, the Dutch Association of Investment companies and the VNO-NCW. This jury will choose the finalists in advance to the final gala which takes place on 3rd of October.

List of nominees